Scott Faughn, publisher of The Missouri Times, announced the launch of This Week in Missouri Politics – a weekly television show that will cover the politics and public policy process of the state – on December 15, 2014.

“Our team at The Missouri Times has a passion to cover the political process in the state and share information about the public policy process with our readers,” Faughn said. “We feel that This Week in Missouri Politics is simply the next evolution of our company’s goal to connect people with more information about their government.”

The announcement was made today on the Mark Reardon Show on KMOX in St. Louis. Initially the show will air on St. Louis’ ABC 30, and will be looking to expand statewide in the coming weeks.

10402716_885518754805022_8507241720050584044_n“We intend to work hard and expand the show throughout the state. There are few things that bind together people in Hannibal with people in Joplin, but our elected leaders are one thing, and we feel this show will appeal to people throughout the state,” said Faughn.

Tom Tipton, General Manager at KDNL ABC30 was excited about the new partnership.

“I am excited to have Scott Faughn, the publisher of The Missouri Times, on KDNL taking on state wide political issues on This Week in Missouri Politics,” Tipton said.

“Just as we have been fortunate to work with top notch partners like News Tribune Printing and the men and women of the Allied Printing Trades Council to found and grow The Missouri Times, we fortunate to have great business partners like ABC 30, and sponsors like the Missouri Association of Automobile Dealers, and Mercy Healthcare,” Faughn said.

The first show will feature an interview with Senator Eric Schmitt on his proposal to reform Missouri’s municipal courts, followed by a political panel including Jane Dueker, Joe Lakin, Jeff Aboussie, and Rep. Shelley Keeney (R-Marble Hill).

This Week in Missouri Politics will air at 11:00 am following This Week with George Stephanopoulos – a leader in the Sunday show ratings in the St. Louis market.

TWMP launched its third season on September 22, 2016.

Viewers can watch the show after it airs on Sunday mornings at www.thisweekinmissouripolitics.com or at www.themissouritimes.com. Updates on the show can be found on by following @thisweekinmopol, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bruce Pollock says:

    Great Show Scott. Great Questions. I’ll watch from now on.

  2. 94Heather says:

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  3. Gary McKiddy says:

    Was a bit confusedduring the Jan. 14th discussion about a possible resignation of Greitens and Todd Richardson becoming governor.

    Unless we’ve amended the Missouri Constitution, the post goes first to the Lieutenant Governor, then the Speaker of the Senate before going to the Speaker of the House.

  4. Mike pashia says:

    Why couldn’t you shut up Hartman from his endless rambling and stammering?

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