This Week in Missouri Politics – March 5, 2017

On a special episode of This Week in Missouri Politics celebrating Women’s History Month, host Scott Faughn welcomes Wendy Doyle, the president and CEO of the Women’s Foundation, to discuss the role of the foundation and how their work is advancing progress for women in the state.

“Everything we focus on is economic development, not only looking at economic empowerment for women and their families in Missouri, but also what we can do as an organization to spur economic development in the state of Missouri,” Doyle says.

Doyle discusses pay inequity in Missouri, breaking barriers to female entrepreneurship, appointments and commissions, and paid leave policy.

On the opinion maker panel, Faughn welcomes Daniela Velázquez of the ACLU of Missouri, Mindy Mazur of GPS Impact, Casey Burns of House Republican Campaign Committee and Rep. Tracy McCreery, D-St. Louis, to discuss the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan’s decision on a panel for the Supreme Court this week and what that means for the future of the plan itself.

“Constituents do not want money in judicial selections,” McCreery says. “We’re not going to go the way some other states have gone.”

They also discuss the passage of the “discrimination bill” in the Senate, Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Russian ambassador snafu and what it means for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Gov. Jeb Bush’s trip to Jefferson City.

“He was not low energy in his meeting with the House Republican Caucus, and he did not have to ask for any applause,” Burns says. He received plenty.

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