This Week in Missouri Politics – April 24, 2016

On This Week in Missouri Politics, host Scott Faughn welcomes Sen. Kurt Schaefer to discuss the latest developments in the Planned Parenthood subpoena and the state of that investigation. He also talks about the process behind the reproductive health group’s decision to hand over the documents the Senate had requested, his campaign for attorney general, and his thoughts on SJR 39.

The opinion maker panel this week includes longtime friend of the show Jane Dueker, Gregg Keller from Atlas Strategies Group, and Reps. Robert Cornejo, R-St. Charles, and Tracy McCreery, D-St. Louis. They discuss the drama over SJR 39, whether or not it will escape from the House Emerging Issues Committee, and if it does, whether or not it succeeds at the ballot box. They also discuss Eric Greitens’ opposition to the resolution, the escalating Planned Parenthood controversy, and the failure of medical marijuana legislation in the House.

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