Danny Pfeifer

One of the most experienced advocates and strategists working in public affairs today, Danny Pfeifer is the founder and managing Principal of Catalyst.

Drawing on his experience in government and grassroots politics, Pfeifer has led efforts to help pass and defeat legislation in state legislatures across the country, worked with state regulators and attorneys general to achieve the desired outcomes for his clients, shaped opinions and mobilized thousands of constituents to influence decision makers and crafted effective political strategies that resulted in positive results for his clients.

Prior to founding Catalyst, Pfeifer served as a senior advisor to high profile elected officials and political campaigns including Sarah Steelman for Governor, Chris Koster for Attorney General, Jim Talent for U.S. Senate and several presidential candidates. A highly skilled fundraiser, Pfeifer has also served as a finance director for political campaigns.

Pfeifer honed his grassroots political skills as a Political Director where he oversaw outreach and grassroots efforts that included building, training and managing large field teams.

In addition to his work on political campaigns, Pfeifer worked in various capacities within the United States Senate on legislative issues, coalition building and grasstops networking.

Through these leadership opportunities and experiences, Pfeifer developed unique skills and cultivated a vast network of relationships to build one of the most effective multi-state influence management firms in the country.

Pfeifer is an active community leader, serving on the Board of Missouri Citizens for the Arts and involved with Hope House of Kansas City. He received his degree in Finance from the University of Missouri.


First Appearance: January 18, 2015